Learning methodology for a learner comprises of the following actions:

  • We are all living in a software civilization. Our lives are driven by technology irrespective of which geographical area we live in or which profession we work for. Be it farming, child care, teaching, healthcare, automobile or any other field, the use of technology is inevitable. This use of technology is mainly for exchange of information and knowledge, providing services, communicating with the customers – local as well as remote.
  • Further, with everyday advancement of technology, the world around us is changing continuously including the workplaces which results into a demand of new skills for people. In addition to domain / technical skills, one needs to ‘be flexible’, ‘collaborate and work in a team’, ‘be efficient in time management’, ‘be aware of strengths and weaknesses’, ‘manage stress’ and so on..
  • These are Soft Skills that help an individual to be sensitive towards self, others and nature, which when attained and practiced help him/her to be an effective individual! Soft Skills, Communication Skills and Information Technology literacy are perhaps the skills for survival in these times.
  • The course, English Communication Skills, helps you attain communication and language skills. It covers Speaking, Listening, Understanding, Reading and Writing skills in English, English Vocabulary, Sentence construction and Grammar, Pronunciation, Quality of communication (Fluency, Emphasis, Pace, Clarity, etc.), Voice (Intonation, Pitch, Modulation, etc.) and Non Verbal Communication
  • The course also offers Soft Skills and Life Skills required for Understanding and managing self for raising personal competence, Understanding others and maintaining sound interpersonal relations through responsible communication, Achieving an enriched personal, professional and social life. It has various topics such as: Self-Awareness and Self-Management, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Time management, Goal Setting and Decision making, Being Flexible, Workplace Ethics, Conflict Management, Positive Health (Stress Management) and Customer Relationship Management.