Evaluation Pattern

Evaluation Pattern of KLiC Courses consist of 4 Sections as follows:

Section No. Section Name Total Marks Minimum Passing Marks
1 Learning Progression 25 10
2 Internal Assessment 25 10
3 Mini-Projects - -
4 Final Online Examination 50 20
Total 100 40

YCMOU Mark Sheet:

  • Printed Mark Sheet will be issued by YCMOU on successful completion of Section 1, Section 2 and Section 4 and will be delivered to the learner by MKCL. YCMOU Mark Sheet will be available only for Maharashtra jurisdiction learners.

MKCL’s KLiC Certificate will be provided to the learner who will satisfy the below criteria:

  • Learners who have successfully completed above mentioned 3 Sections i.e. Section 1, Section 2 and Section 4
  • Learner should have completed Section 3. Section 3 comprises 5 Mini Projects and completion of minimum two mini projects is required to be eligible for Final Examination.