Learning Methodology

  • The Academic Approach of the course focuses on the classroom based sessions, where the batch of students will be given video lectures via projector in a classroom setup.
  • Smartphone based session end tests and results will be a new feature implemented in this course.
  • The ultimate objective is to empower the learner to engage in socially useful and productive work. It aims at leading the learner to his/her rewarding career as well as development of the society.
  • Going through eLearning sessions.
  • Solving activities, interactivities and exercises in eContent.
  • Solving assignments and creating Processfolios.
  • Solve activities at the end of each session and follow the action agenda in real life.
  • Discuss difficulties with learning facilitator and with peers.
  • Interact with peers and practice communication skills in English. i.e. converse in English, complete suggested group activities.